Construction Updates in the Waukee Community School District

We know there are a lot of exciting construction projects going on in our district. We hope this page will serve as a fun way to keep updated on our current projects.


2021 Updates

October 19Soft Surface Playgrounds at Maple Grove Elementary, Waukee Elementary and Woodland Hills Elementary

October 12Sugar Creek Elementary

September 27Middle Level #5 and Natatorium – Douglas Parkway Extension

September 13Timberline Stadium Improvements

September 10Sugar Creek Elementary

August 27Middle Level #5 and Natatorium

Completed (Northwest is officially open) – Drone video of Northwest High School Construction

August 13Vince Meyer Learning Center

August 9Waukee Northwest High School

August 4Middle Level #5 and Natatorium

August 3Timberline Stadium Improvements

July 15Sugar Creek Elementary

July 15Woodland Hills Playground

July 8Timberline Stadium Improvements

July 7Waukee Northwest High School

July 2Eason Elementary Parking Lot

July 1Groundbreaking on Middle School #5 and Natatorium

June 29Douglas Parkway Expansion and Waukee Elementary Playground Improvements

June 16Waukee High School Tennis Court Resurfacing (finished project)

June 14Brookview Elementary Expansion

June 9Timberline Stadium Improvements and Waukee High School Tennis Court Resurfacing 

June 2Waukee Northwest High School

May 28New Lights at Waukee High School Stadium

May 19Vince Meyer Learning Center and Douglas Parkway Expansion

May 10Sugar Creek Elementary and Timberline Stadium Improvements

May 3Waukee Northwest High School

April 29Prairieview Addition (Fitness Center)

April 16Football Scoreboard Install at Northwest High School

April 14Timberline Stadium Improvements

April 12Northwest High School

March 31Eason Elementary

March 4Northwest High School and Vince Meyer Learning Center

February 23Brookview Expansion and Sugar Creek Elementary

February 1Future Home of 6-7 Building, 8-9 Building, and Natatorium

February 1Northwest High School

January 5Vince Meyer Learning Center

January 4Northwest High School

2020 Updates

December 7Northwest High School

December 2Sugar Creek Elementary

November 18Northwest High School

November 13Northwest High School

October 29Brookview Expansion

October 7Northwest High School

September 16Northwest High School and Sugar Creek Elementary

May 21Groundbreaking at Sugar Creek Elementary

2019 Updates

November 12Northwest High School

2018 Updates

November 19Northwest High School